Android 10 Latest Android Version with Exciting Features – 2020

Android 10 Latest Android Version with Exciting Features – 2020

Android 10 new version operating system

Android 10 is full of exacting feature and it will be launched in September, “Q” is the codename of android 10and  first launch in pixel device and after some time Android 10 workes in all android devices and upcoming mobile devices is launched with Android 10 operating system. It will provide all new and unique features, some old devices taking to alert the new version at the right time so who hasn’t this version they can have this in mobile in a new update.

you can take advantage of the new features. The old version of android have less feature but this is a truth that every new operating system create curiosity in android user. The new Android operating system provides some exacting features like Navigation, Privacy setting, Focus mode, improved file manager, dark theme, location control, etc.

Android 10 Features

Android 10 is the latest version of the android operating system here is some exciting feature of Android 10-


Android 10 is the latest operating system, you can feel a new and exciting feature from android 10. the opening feature is the Dark mode theme. now you put a question that the old android version will provide the same feature but the answer to this question is very simple, android 10 dark mode feature is different from the older one, dark mode twin of focus mode if you use the focus mode then the display looks different. some steps of dark mode activation –

  • you can activate dark mode in two way, first of all, pull down the notification shade twice now you can see moon icon, go and click here, now your dark mode is on.
  • the second method of activation dark mode is started with the mobile setting, open setting, and go to display option, now you see dark mode option go and tap the dark mode enable, now your mobile switch in dark mode.




Google announces gesture-based navigation in android 10Q. gesture-based navigation is a unique change we have no doubt about this that’s great. New android 10 navigation gesture works on smartphones that run Android One software. But it is a little complicated and strange for some users and googles operating system improve one-handed use of navigation gesture. android 10 operating system provides extraordinary feature its looks like an iOS feature, not complete. but android users are glad to have this.





Android 10 is the best operating system for android users and Android 10 import over 40+ features and one of those is a smart reply. when you first time use this operating system, it gives you the best experience and smart Reply will offer snappy reactions and activities to incoming messages. smart Reply will believe that you need to look at that address in Google Maps and will make that proposal to you consequently. On the off chance that you tap the recommendation, the location opens up in Maps, permitting you to get familiar with the area or explore to that goal.

A smart reply feature is best for those who want to send short type reply it means when you receive any message from your friend or other than the smart reply feature suggests you some advance reply in your message box. It looks like Linkedin messaging feature.





Android 10 is the best operating system, the latest operating is better than the older android version, the old version is good but the latest version is extraordinary. Android 10 is a powerful operating system and the focus mode feature is most similar to DND(do not disturb) feature. Also read  spymax rat download. this is a unique feature for the user when you activate this feature then all app notification off at this moment and another background app will be off automatically. when you deactivate or disable this feature then all notification enable automatically so without any problem you can use this feature. For the activation follow some simple step-

  • When you need to turn on the focus mode feature then, first of all, Pull down your notification shade twice and swipe left and now you can see the round icon of focus mode now tape on this icon after this you have two option on your screen 1st is WORK TIME and the second option is ME TIME now the choice is yours tape one options and now your focus mode is activated.




Android developers make sure that the new Google mobile platform easy and user friendly, now the most beneficial and dominant feature in Android 10 is QR code for mobile wifi network.

this is a unique feature and you create QR code for the wifi network and then scan QR code to join a wifi network in this process after scanning the code you have a device name and password now you can connect your device to other devices by using this feature.




Android 10 operating systems most impressive feature is a sound amplifier and the users sound experience is extraordinary, Also read spymax v4. this feature is best for those who love and wants an extra bass boosted music, the sound amplifier feature boosts sound and filter unwanted background noise and create a irritate free sound, most important thing when you plug in headphones and listing music and talk to other on video or audio chat, during this process you can hear more clearly.

All feature is awesome and user friendly and improves all feature in the new android system in future we have a more extraordinary feature in Android.




Android 10 announce so many new features but one of the crucial was the changes to the permission system, And mostly permission system is the same as android pie but android 10 add some other row on top of the current permission system, Also read spymax. The primary enormous change is the capacity to allow Android 10 permissions just while an application is active. Android 10 features mainly saved for some conscious permissions like contacts, microphone, location, and other permissions. when you give the app permission to other apps at this time the location is active and in a sense, the app who has permission would not able to track your location during it, not in use.




The latest operating system of android is best for the security and Android device always have security updates at the right moment and the latest operating system provides faster and in an easy way. And the google play system updates directly sent to your device and fix privacy and security threats. you can manage all security settings in a simple and easy way, safeguarding app installs feature made Android 10 unique.

Some Other options who secure your device:

  • Safeguarding app install
  • Top face authentication
  • Security updates
  • Advanced setting





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