5G technology 2020

5G technology 2020

5G Technology

5g technology is top-level wireless communications. 5g technology progressed in 2020 and use in some different models.

5g technology has some advantages and disadvantages. But in the future, this technology takes a boost in the modern era.

Advantage of 5g Technology

The 21st century gives top-level technology and now 5g technology gives extraordinary experience in the future soon. This is some advantage of 5g technology-


  • 5g technology is better than old versions of data 4g data speed.
  • High-speed data and take top-level experience in video streaming and others.
  •  5g is a 5th generation technology that increases the speed of the network.
  • 5g network much better according to expert.  About there speed we can ask that 5g speed  is extraordinary
  • 5g network speed is 10gb/s this depends on the area of a quality network. if the place where the network is too poor then we cannot feel 5g experience.
  • 5g network connects with multiple devices this feature is better than old cellular data.

The disadvantage of 5g network

In this century humans will create day by day next-level technology. people use technology without any fear like they are never thinking about our health because  24 hours use of technology injurious for health. if we ask about  5g network this is not health-conscious because 5g network create strong bandwidth and high radiation and both are not good for health. some disadvantage of 5g-

  • if we ask about 5g network advantage then we need to know there disadvantage because it is very harmful to nature.
  • In the future, we completely depend on technology and after this maximum chance of private data, we are lost. because of security threats. over all the 5g  technology better than 4g technology and this not good for health.
  • If we use 5g technology in the future than its very harmful for nature because birds and other lives are most effective from this technology.
  • Spreading High radiation in the environment.


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